Hello Neighbor,

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My name is Chase Hagaman, and I am asking for your vote on November 7 for Portsmouth City Council.

My wife, Meghan, and I love this diverse and vibrant city that we are investing in and have made our home.

As we plan our future in Portsmouth, we see our experience as similar to many residents. And we want to ensure reasonable housing costs so we can raise our family here.

Portsmouth has seen great success and growth -- a major destination for tourism and the arts -- but with that comes new challenges, such as higher cost of living, traffic congestion and housing constraints.

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Sustaining Portsmouth’s success, addressing challenges and planning for its future, will require creative, balanced and responsible leadership that listens to the community.  That’s what I will bring to City Council, with your help.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me and the campaign. Explore the site and follow me on social media. Better yet, find a way to get involved!

Thank you, 

Chase Hagaman